CannaBeds Story

Hemp is known as a Miracle fiber, it normally controls temperature, it's up to multiple times more grounded and gentler than cotton, it is impervious to Dust Mites, bed bugs, stickiness and form in addition to it gives a definitive solace.

Hemp is likewise a hypoallergenic fiber and it has common Anti-Bacterial properties to diminish and battle microbes, it is gentler on the your skin and really gets milder with age and use. The most seasoned texture at any point discovered was in an Egyptian burial place dated to approx 8,000 years of age and think about what, it was hemp fiber.

Hemp is normally impervious to creepy crawlies and sickness, subsequently there is no requirement for the utilization earth harming and undesirable pesticides or herbicides during the developing interaction.

Hemp can be planted and developed in approx. 11 weeks with little water required.

Cotton then again takes a few times longer to develop, it utilizes heaps of synthetic pesticides and herbicides and devours practically 50% of all the water utilized in the whole cultivating process to deliver it.

Hemp fiber can be use in rope, clothing, canvas and of course the textile industry.

we trust you make the most of your new CannaBeds bedding.